1. A plan is based on weakness
  2. Any plan is better than any kind of passivity

Calculation process

  1. Candidate moves (ne pas s'arréter aux plus évidents)
  2. Elimination
  3. Calcul and comparison of selected moves, attention to opponent's counter chances !

Pièces mineures

  1. When your opponent has a bishop, you should place your pawns on the same color squares as the bishop (pour controler les cases de cette couleur). However, if you have a bishop yourself, then you should try to keep the pawns on different colored squares than your bishop, no matter if your opponent has a bishop or not (pour laisser le passage à son propre fou).
  2. In opposite coloured bishops positions with major pieces, it's the initiative and attacking chances which count and not the odd pawn or two.
  3. Knights are usually superior to bishops in endings with pawns on one side of the board and Bishops are better than knights in endings with pawns on both sides of the board, but Knights are better in case of symetrical positions. (en fait tout dépend de la position des pions par rapport aux pièces mineures).
  4. Knights are even stronger when opponent has doble pawns (not written in most of the books but known since Nimzovich).

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